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My Vehicles


My dad raised me around cars. Like I am with computers, he is with cars. Whenever we had any issues the car was sent off to his garage to be fixed. I can't think of anything that he wasn't able to fix on his own.

I've taken the knowledge he gave me and turned it into a hobby of my own. My first car was a 1988 Chevy Celebrity. I miss it very much and I'll get another one in time. My 2nd car was a 1994 Cavalier Z24. It was my introduction into 'sports cars'. It wasn't really fast at all, but it sure did look cool. After that, I got a 1997 Camaro. I had that car for a long time.

In November of 2008, a lady hit me and pretty much totalled my Camaro. I started looking at other Camaros and even debated getting the new 2009 Camaro when I decided to take a look at Corvettes.

After a day of searching, I found an awesome Corvette well within my price range. 2 weeks later and it was mine :)

I also always loved motorcycles. I had ridden my friend's bike when I was younger and while it got me hooked, I never had the courage to get one of my own .. until I was 24. I purchased my first bike as a birthday gift to myself. The second bike came a few years later when I moved to Texas. I have almost 20,000 motorcycle miles logged. I've gone on everything from short 30-40 minute trips to a motorcycle trip that spanned 2 weeks and hit 17 states. Motorcycles have truly changed my life.

2000 Corvette

My Corvette

This is my current car. It is a 2000 Corvette. When I purchased it, the previous owned had installed Borla Quad Stingers exhaust, upgraded the stereo and added the K40 radar detector/laser diffuser.

So far, I've added a Hurst shifter, painted the rear lower fascia, added a front license plate air intake, upgraded to Switchback LEDs for the front and done some other minor mods. I hope to start taking the car to the track within the next few months. More pictures can be found here on my flickr account.

2006 Suzuki SV650 / 2006 Honda Rebel

2006 Suzuki SV650

This is my current motorcycle. The Rebel stays parked in the garage, mainly because a 250cc motor isn't enough when the speed limit is 65+. It was my first bike though, so I can't come to grips with selling it.

The SV has taken me on many, many long trips. It's never given me any issues and even when I thought a bike shouldn't be able to go forward, it has. One time, I was camping in Oklahoma when a really bad storm blew through. I was sleeping in my tent and didn't think anything of it until I felt the ground below me get really mushy. I opened the front of the tent and it was pitch black outside. All of a sudden, lightning flashed across the sky and I saw my bike on its side and the campground flooded. I quickly got my bike upright, but the ground was so muddy and the water was moving so it wouldn't stay up for too long. I packed everything up with my only lighting being the lightning above me. Started up the bike and she fired up fine. I rode through the flooded campground with no problems and found my way to higher ground.

The motorcycle is simply amazing and I couldn't ask for a better built machine.

There are more pictures on my Flickr page of my motorcyle.