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Tilda Studios / The Online Portfolio of Roy El-Rayes


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Pwned is composed of real gamers who just wanted to build a place for everyone to enjoy and play games with others who play the same games. While the gaming industry constantly grows larger everyday, we offer a place for any type of gamer to connect and learn about the latest and greatest as well as the classic and epic. With our various features of interaction with other members, we are pioneers in connecting the gaming community in one place. Members can earn Pwned Points through various activities including viewing and interacting with user friends, uploading pictures, rich media, posting game reviews and blogs, participating in polls and creating clans. Pwned Points may be redeemed for video game consoles, iPods, video games,XBL subscriptions, etc..


Pwned.com has been a fun challenge from the beginning. My friend Andrew started the site and asked me to join the team after a few months.

The site has sent us to video game conferences and introduced us to a lot of great people. We have over 12,000 members now and are constantly adding features.

The site was built from scratch using PHP and MySQL. The biggest challenges, from a programming viewpoint, have been scalability. Everything we build has to be fast and use little memory.