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I've always loved photography. I wasn't able to make it a true hobby until I moved down to Texas. I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel XTi and learned all about DSLRs.

Since then, I've taken pictures of everything from Elephanta Island, which is an island off the coast of India, to airshows in Fort Worth, TX. I'll share some of my favorites here.


I can't post every single shot I got from India, so I'll link to the photo albums.

The trip itself was amazing. We were there to be attend a wedding for a friend of ours. The hospitality was amazing and we learned a lot.

You can view all my pictures on my Flickr page.


Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Fort Worth Air Show

This is from the Fort Worth Air Show. I just really liked the angle of the shot.


I'm not exactly sure which cat this is.. we've rescued 2 orange cats and this is one of them.

Indian Child

This is one of the homeless kids in India. I didn't even look through the viewfinder for it.. I just pointed and snapped. She was looking in through the window of our car.

My Dog, Tini

This is my first dog, Tini. I like trying to get shots that you would normally not see. This is with the camera on the ground while she's asleep.


This was a photo of one of our cats. I liked how the composition came out, so I decided to play around a little bit and make it artsy.


This was from my motorcycle trip from Fort Worth, TX to Philadelphia, PA and back. I like how it shows how I viewed the world the whole trip. A sea full of cars and trucks, only to be parted with my motorcycle.

I could go on all day talking about the different photographs. I'll post more and more pictures into this section as time goes on.