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I've always felt that if you have the means to help, you should. When I was living in New Jersey, my little sister adopted a tiny little Lab mix and named her Martini. She was the runt of the litter, so she had a lot of issues and my sister couldn't handle her. I told her that I'd try and help Tini. This started one of the greatest adventures of my life.

We currently have 3 dogs and 3 cats.


Tini truly is one of my best friends. She is an extremely loving dog and while she had issues at first, she is now a complete sweetheart. It's hard for me to think of how my life will be when she's no longer here. She's been with me through thick and thin, has moved from Philadelphia, PA to Texas with me and has given me some great stories.

Here she is when she was just a puppy.

Tini Puppy

Full of energy and a complete little Tornado.

Tini Older

She's about 3 years old now. She's still full of lots of energy and is still too smart for her own good. She knows about 16 commands/tricks and will do anything for a treat.

Tini and Me

This is one of my favorite photos of Tini and Me. You can view more photos of her on my Flickr page.


After I moved to Texas, I was working lots of hours and felt bad that Tini was alone. I wanted to get her a friend and started looking at different rescues. I found a Golden Retriever / GSD rescue and found Rummy.

Rummy Puppy

Rum is the perfect buddy dog. He is the kind of dog that ends up in movies because he's so friendly. When the other 2 dogs are running and playing outside, he's just hanging out by my side inside. He's a very curious dog, much to the dismay of our cats.

Rummy Water
Rummy Water

More photos of him can be found on my Flickr page.


A year or so after getting Rummy, I felt that I had the space for another dog. After visiting the shelter a few times, I found a Siberian Husky that I really connected with. His original name was Sky, but we changed it to Bazooka.

Zook at the shelter

That shot is from the shelter in his cage. He was extremely playful back then, so I knew he'd be a good fit with the rest of the pack.

Bazooka in the Grass
Bazooka in the Grass
All 3 dogs

As you can see, he's grown much more now and is the biggest dog of the bunch. He's also mellowed out a lot more and likes sleeping when inside. Get him outside though and him and Tini will run around for hours. More pictures on my Flickr page.

Thomas Hobbes

This is our first cat. I was never a cat person so they didn't interest me much. You can't wrestle with cats. I had a cat named Milo when I was younger and ended up giving her away. Marianna, my fiancee, has always had cats.

Kitten TBoone

Here he is as a kitten. He's now much fatter and actually thinks he's a dog.

TBoone and Dogs

More photos of him can be found on my Flickr page.


Willow (I actually called her Pajamas because she always looked like she was wearing those little kid footy pajamas) was a great cat. She was extremely loving and liked to curl up in your lap. We unfortunately lost her to bone cancer after only having her around for a few months.


Her fur is very dark, so it was always hard trying to get pictures of her.

It's always hard losing an animal. You do your best to care for them but sometimes things just aren't in my control. I'm happy knowing that we gave her a great life while she was with us.


Batman / Robin

After Pajamas passed, it took us a while to consider adopting another cat. One day we were at the shelter just visiting when we saw these two little monsters. After a few minutes of playing, we decided to adopt them and take them home.

Batman and Robin

The black one is Batman and the orange one Robin. They're both extremely friendly and have taken very well to our dogs. It took a while for our other cat to like them, but now they all get along.

With Batman being a black cat, it's hard to get good photos of him. He is also very hyper, so it's hard to get him to sit still. Robin, on the other hand, is a lot more fun to photograph.

Robin Artsy

More photos of the two of them can be found on my Flickr page.