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After browsing the different Corvette forums for the last few years, I realized that it's not that easy to find other Corvette owners. Sure, you could go to the regional section and hope that someone local posts a thread, but if you're not in a major city then good luck. One of the best parts of owning a Corvette is the community, so I thought I'd create a way to make that better.


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I built this site because I wanted to take some development concepts from working on Pwned and implement them in a brand new site. I realized that there wasn't a social network for Corvette owners, so I used that as a basis for this project.

The forums were written by scratch. I'd done this for several sites before and was able to reuse that code.

The site had the ability to create groups, calendars, trip reports, profiles, profiles for each car and multiple other ways for people to interact with other Corvette owners.