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Tired of rush hour traffic? Wish you had a sports car to fly between cars? With SpeedR, you will.

This fast paced traffic speeder game will put you into 6 different cars and see how well you do flying through traffic. It won't be easy though. You'll have to deal with police, semis and construction. If the police catch you or you damage your car too much, it's game over!

With a local high score, you'll be able to track how well you're doing personally. With the Global Leaderboard you will put yourself up against the world.

Think you have what it takes to handle these cars? Let's find out.


What's new in the next version?


Main Screen

Main screen


Car Selection Screen

Car selection screen.



Playing with some heavy traffic.



Playing with some heavy traffic and some damage.


Playing w/ Cops Chasing

Playing with the police chasing you.


When I built this app, I wanted to learn how to work with the accelerometer. As with most of the stuff in the SDK, Apple made it very easy.

My friend Tony once told me that it seems like I'm building my games based off of life experiences. The car in the pictures of the game is my 2000 Corvette. While I don't fly through traffic like you can in this game, I do sometimes like to go a little fast. I wanted to try and give the user that experience in an easy to play format.

Initially, I tried to mix touch/accelerometer. I learned very quickly though that it was just too hard on the user. Trying to tilt the device whilst at the same time touching the screen, all while trying to play are just too much. I ended up going to a full tilt interface, with touch only being used to pause the game (and work the menus obviously).

The biggest challenge with that was how to accomodate people of different skills. I thought about being able to set how sensitive the tilt would be when I got a better idea. Why not let the users try out different kind of cars, each with their own characteristics? This added a new level of gameplay (initially I was just going to let you drive my car) and let me add elements that you unlock as the game goes on. This also meant that just because the top car responds very quickly, it doesn't mean the user will also select it.

I went for a 2d top-down view because I feel that this is where this device excels. Sure, 3d graphics are pretty and fun, but you're doing them on a small screen. Not only that, but you need to fit UI elements that also take up space. By leaving the game top-down and 2d, I could focus on execution and make it easier for the user to play with. Imagine how hard it would be to try and notice cars ahead of you in 3d on the small screen. With the view I chose, you see them ahead of time and can plan your cars path around them.

This game was my first approach of "Do not release a game with planned updates". Everything I could think of, I added. The only exception is 2 player bluetooth, and that's only because I need to purchase a 3g phone to do this. The game has a global leaderboard (courtesy of Pwned.com), sound effects, better graphics (different interface for each car!) and was tested a whole lot more than the previous ones. Due to this, development time was almost 2 months.

Since the game isn't on the app store yet, I can't post lessons learned. I'll update this after a few months :)